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Plastic waste remains an unsolved problem worldwide. Sad to say, Germany is currently a leader in waste production.

ZDF info showed the current handling of waste in a documentary (2019). At the same time, opportunities are being revealed which offer new forms of recycling in Germany and across Europe. revolPET®, the solution from RITTEC Umwelttechnik, is presented as an innovative technology that can help solve the plastics problem.

ZDF video-on-demand: Apocalypse Waste

RITTEC Umwelttechnik wins Next Economy Award as part of 13th German Sustainability Awards. Empty juice bottles, cheese packs, takeaway boxes: Where many people see dirty city centres and oceans, the RITTEC Umwelttechnik environmental tech team sees great opportunities for recovering raw materials. Their solution for the circular economy …

Extrusion technology specialist Leistritz Extrusionstechnik and RITTEC Umwelttechnik are jointly developing solutions for the continuous recycling of PET plastics. Through their strategic partnership, the two companies are addressing the pressing issue of plastic waste prevention, initially focussed on the European market. They have together created and launched revolPET®, a monomer recycling technology. It breaks down PET plastics into their constituent raw materials, creating a closed resource loop …