• About us

What drives us

The global economic system consumes vast amounts of resources. This demand cannot be covered by natural, particularly fossil sources for much longer. New solutions appear to develop so-called secondary raw material sources. They recover resources already in use. These technologies are very widely available for metals and water. However, there is a fundamental need for plastics, construction materials and textiles to catch up.

Focussing on the circular economy: We see waste as the raw materials of tomorrow.

Changing material flows into cycles

RITTEC develops technology concepts that close the gaps in material cycles and thus secure available resources for the future.

Key factors

  • Economic and environmental efficiency
  • Positive social impact
  • Quality of secondary raw materials

In the development of our technologies and processes, the focus is on environmental and economic efficiency, as well as the quality of the products and secondary raw materials obtained. Social structures need to be strengthened, especially in developing societies. RITTEC supplies its solutions globally. We provide brand owners, recycling companies and PET manufacturers with the solution for their high quality PET packaging.

Our team

The people behind RITTEC 8.0 Umwelttechnik:

Every day, we commit ourselves and stand up for the vision of a circular economy.

Our team is a diverse group of experts: interdisciplinary, highly qualified and with a fresh perspective and plenty of experience. We not only have a good eye for technical development tasks, we are also keen to work together with industry partners and customers. With all this in mind, we are dedicated to a successful launch of the RITTEC technologies – for the benefit of our customers and for the good of the environment.

Since our foundation, the number of our employees has grown steadily. Shaping the circular economy is a very dynamic field, which we continuously want to develop gradually. Close cooperation with academic institutions provides us with the opportunity to identify experts for our team at an early stage. Of course, our doors are open to anyone who is interested to join us to promote the circular economy.



International patent grant


Start of the revolBRAS research project

The German-Brazilian project aims to establish structures for a decentralised collection and recycling system - by integrating of revolPET-Technology. Funded through the Client II initiative of the Federal Ministry of Research and Education.

12/ 2020

Presentation of Next Economy Award 2021

RITTEC Umwelttechnik is presented with the Next Economy Award, the founders’ award under the German Sustainability Prize, at the German Sustainability Day 2021.


International patent confirmation

The European patent office confirms the patent application for continuous depolymerisation in its function as a examination authority, part of the international application.


Manufacture of new PET from recycled monomers

New PET is produced from recycled monomers in cooperation with a leading PET manufacturer.


Start of revolTEX® research project

The Lower Saxony Ministry of Economics awards funding to the “revolTEX®” research project, which will research recycling of polyester textiles using the revolPET® technology. The partners are the Institute for Chemical and Thermal Process Engineering at the TU Braunschweig and the Institute for Technical Chemistry at the TU Clausthal.


Opening of technical centre

In the presence of supporters, shareholders, and representatives from leading research institutions and the ministries in Berlin and Hanover, RITTEC opens its technical centre.


Delivery of twin screw extruder

Leistritz delivers the twin screw extruder to the site of the future technical centre.


Establishment of shareholder council

The company takes the decision to establish a council as an advisory and support body, with Klaus Wolff elected as the council chairman.


Construction of technical centre

A twin screw extruder is ordered for the construction of an in-house technical centre.


Lower Saxony Innovation Prize 2018 in the business category

In Hanover, Lower Saxony Minister of Economics, Dr. Bernd Althusmann, presents RITTEC Umwelttechnik with the Lower Saxony Innovation Prize 2018 in the business category.


Initial patent application

Application for a patent from the German Patent and Trademark Office for the method of continuous depolymerisation with a twin screw extruder.


Advanced testing of continuous depolymerisation

Further testing of continuous depolymerisation of PET is conducted at the extruder manufacturer Leistritz’s technical centre, with the reaction time reduced to less than 2 minutes and over 95% conversion from PET to monomers.


Technology for continuous depolymerisation of PET identified

Continuous depolymerisation of PET in an extruder is successful. The reaction time is reduced from around 45 minutes in an agitation reactor to 4 minutes in an extruder.


Appearance at IFAT trade fair

RITTEC presents the “revolPET” research project at the leading trade fair IFAT in Munich.


Commencement of research work

Research work for the development of continuous depolymerisation of PET begins.


Investment by NCapital and business angels

To safeguard its research operations, NCapital and a number of business angels invest in RITTEC Umwelttechnik GmbH.


Establishment of RITTEC Umwelttechnik GmbH

To implement the “revolPET – Development of continuous depolymerisation of PET” research project, Carsten Eichert and Klaus Wolff jointly establish RITTEC Umwelttechnik GmbH.


BMBF recommendation

The BMBF recommends the research and development project for continuous depolymerisation for funding.


Application for funding to develop continuous depolymerisation of PET

In conjunction with the Institute for Chemical and Thermal Process Engineering (ICTV) at the TU Braunschweig, Carsten Eichert makes an application for funding for the development of continuous depolymerisation of PET.