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RITTEC 8.0 Umwelttechnik will have a new name from May 8th, 2024. Now we are matterr.


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matterr - Because recycling matterrs


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RITTEC 8.0 Umwelttechnik is your partner for managing recycling in the world of plastics. With our patented revolPET® technology, we develop methods that enable PET to be completely recycled and given new life, again and again.

Our motivation is to find solutions to conserve finite resources. Our research-intensive developments meet the highest standards in terms of innovation, economic efficiency and environmental protection.

The result is smart solutions for the many diverse forms of PET plastic. We specialise in coloured bottles, multi-layer packaging and polyester textiles.


RITTEC together with ICTV, was able to convince the jury and the audience of the 36th IHK Technology Transfer Prize offering a promising solution for the circular economy with the revolPET® technology for monomer recycling of PET-containing waste. From the three finalists, the audience chose RITTEC and ICTV as the winners...


Expert Testimonies


"RITTEC offers a solution for trays that is ecologically and economically attractive for the first time."

Jens Nießmann, Managing Director, Reclay Holding GmbH

"revolPET shows how beneficial collaboration between business and science can be, while addressing a solution to the global plastics problem."

Michael Petz, Head of Innovation Development, Chamber of Industry and Commerce

“Through the revolPET-method we can successfully upcycle degraded PET materials into high quality monomers”

Dipl.-Eng. FH Jens Forberger, Fraunhofer Institute für Chemical Technologies


“The ability to substitute virgin-monomers has shifted into the obtainable future for us.”

Dr. Olaf Hempel, Development Leader, Equipolymers GmbH


“revolPET enables us to recover raw materials out of a composite mix of different plastics.”

Prof. Dr.-Eng. Stephan Scholl, ICTV, TU Braunschweig


revolPET® A cycle for plastic

We developed our new revolPET® technology for high quality recycling of PET plastics. Waste PET is dissolved into its constituent monomers, which are then available to create PET with the same quality as totally new product. This monomer production method ensures complete raw material conservation. Turning old into new.


revolTEX® solution for textiles containing polyester

In 2000, polyester replaced cotton as the leading fibre used in textile manufacture. Now, 20 years later, polyester production has doubled compared to what it was back in 2000. Over 60 percent of PET production is processed into polyester fibres and finds its way into the textile industry.

International Projects

revolBRAS - circular economy solution for platics in Brazil

Based on the revolPET® technology, we are developing a solution for a circular value-added chain for plastics in Brazil: economical, sustainable and robust. The solution includes the collection, sorting and processing of PET waste ...


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